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Dignity Vulvaa

Dignity Vulvaa

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The Dignity Vulvaa earrings go beyond adornment; they're a daily reminder to embrace your worth and extend dignity to others. These earrings symbolize self-respect and a commitment to treating everyone with honor. Wear them with pride, not just for yourself, but as a reminder that kindheartedness and authenticity are what we are striving for. Let it be a message for yourself and those around you.

ABOUT: Vulvaa is for everybody. Wear her proudly and let us share in the power which she brings.

DESCRIPTION: Each vulvaa may differ from the product image shown as each piece is handmade and unique from the start, just like you. All production done in Berlin, Germany.

MATERIALS: The Vulvaa is made out of polymer Clay (PVC) made in Germany. The earring is nickel free.

T&CS: Please read our returns policy, only available 14 days after delivery. Any damages please contact us on:

Care Instructions

Your Vulvaa Jewelry doesn’t need much of an extra care. You can sleep, shower or dance with them in the dust or rain. Everything is possible.

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