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Fly like Flieder

Fly like Flieder

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Vulvaa meets Perlia - Fly like Flieder is back in stock! These rings were created in collaboration of Vulvaa and Perlia.

Sophie creates the handmade vulvaas while Tessia is the queen of pearls. The sweetwater pearls for Fly like Flieder are sourced from markets all over Berlin and upcycled into this new creation. The Vulvaas are encased in a special coating for protection.

The rings are available in the following three (stretchy) sizes:

  • 52-54 (small)
  • 55-58 (medium)
  • 59-62 (large)

Our ring-sizes are determined by circumference in mm. If you don't know your ring-size you can measure it like this at home: Cut a long-ish strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Then measure how much length of the paper strip it takes to wrap fully around. As an example, a ring-size of 52 means your finger has a circumference of 52mm.
The rings are on an elastic band so they are adjustable.


We recommend taking off the Vulvaa ring before washing your hands to guarantee its longevity.

If you have any questions, write to us:

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materials and care

  • materials

    available in plated gold & silver: nickel free. Polymer Clay (PVC) made in Germany

  • life

    the vulvaas are tough. shower with them. sleep with them. dance with them, in the rain and in the sun.